Project Introduction

Nine profit models, up to 200% profit protection directly copied to you

  • Entity experience store sales channel
  • Same city home industry distribution channel
  • Building materials brand cross-industry alliance channel
  • Community-related business development channels
  • Engineering project undertakes channels
  • Decoration company cooperation channel
  • Car 4S shop, beauty shop channel
  • Developer hardcover room channel
  • Headquarters e-commerce, business super drainage single channel

New models and new ideas, let more than 90% of competitors fail and become unemployed

Ceicho App

Enterprise mall

Offline experience store

Car home environmental product sales + service

Join advantage

We have served China for 11 years.






New Cars




  • National High-Tech Enterprise

  • National formaldehyde scavenger industry standards participate in the formulation of units

  • Guangzhou Asian Games venue professional purification technology provider

  • The first domestic research and development successful home improvement, automotive environmental protection DIY products

  • Class A qualification for indoor environmental pollution control

  • The entire product PICC underwriting up to 5 million yuan

  • Exclusive global one-stop EMG composite technology solution

  • The only products in the same industry have entered hypermarkets such as Carrefour and RT-Mart.

National High-Tech Enterprise

Class A certificate for indoor environmental management

Chinese people's property insurance underwriting

You don't have to trust advertising, but please believe in the user's choice. In the past 11 years, they have chosen the color nest.

It’s true gold is not afraid of fire! Technology can be packaged, the effect can be amplified, the key is whether the product can enter the online and offline hypermarkets.

Online store

Large commercial super


You just have to make up your mind and the other is handed over to the nest.

Support before opening

  • Experience store design
  • Decoration guidance
  • Opening marketing plan
  • Network platform sales training
  • Professional knowledge training
  • Service process specification guidance
  • SEO and SEM network marketing
  • Offline cooperation / cooperative skills training
  • Engineering inspection and management technical training
  • After-sales emergency service training

Support after opening

  • Promotion plan design
  • Customer development guidance
  • Customer Service Skills Guide
  • Engineering plan development training
  • Real estate business development
  • Cross-industry alliance planning

Market data support

Brand album, function single page, engineering tender template, business card, clothing, hat, door type display frame design, publicity video, engineering construction video, official brand authorization certificate, honorary card and company related documents, product testing report, market start-up plan, etc.

Eighteen major support policy

  • Construction product subsidy
  • Help with distribution support
  • Market support outlets
  • The first batch of cargo support
  • Second store support
  • Regular training support
  • First store decoration support
  • Entering the store support
  • Business team basic salary subsidy support
  • Practitioner training support
  • Regular training support
  • Service car support policy
  • Online advertising and promotion support
  • Project entry support
  • Regional total distribution reward
  • Advertising support
  • Group purchase planning support
  • Franchisees introduce incentive policies