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Warmly celebrate the second promotion meeting of the “Smart Objects” car environmental protection project of Caichao Group

On April 27, 2019, the “Smart Wisdom” car environmental protection project promotion meeting of Caichao Group was successfully held in Shenzhen Caichao Headquarters.

At the beginning of the promotion meeting, the chairman of the Caichao Group expressed warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to dozens of customers from all over the country. He pointed out that in the current situation that the RV has become the mainstream of consumption, formaldehyde is swept away and people’s health is seriously threatened. The color nest has a great mission to solve the indoor and indoor environmental pollution! The chairman said that in order to control the indoor and indoor environment, the color nest has been a sword for ten years, and the world’s first EMG compound technology solution. Caichao participates in the formulation of national formaldehyde scavenger industry standards, leading the industry’s technological innovation and benefiting people’s health!

Then, Mr. Jiang Yiqiang, the director of Caichao Group, introduced the company’s development concept and the latest industry cutting-edge technology and epoch-making products to the guests. The large-scale and detailed case confirmed the color nest products in technology. Absolute leadership on the top. And put forward the “in the hands of products, no products in the heart; no products in the hands, there are products in the heart” innovative business philosophy, has won the unanimous approval of many guests!

Mr. Jiang promised in public that the use of color nest products, a full refund within one year, and the service contract also printed this commitment, is undoubtedly to boost the confidence of the guests. After that, General Jiang made an agent profit analysis to the guests on the spot. He proposed that the company should create openness, complementarity and win-win with new channels, new channels and new models in the current complex and ever-changing economic situation. The platform realizes multi-point profit through technological innovation, builds a vertical ecological chain of products and services, and builds the first domestic eco-ecological ecological chain platform for car environment.

Then Mr. Peng Dong, the director of China Merchants, appeared as the host and invited the franchisee from Chaoshan to join the team to share the experience of selling more than 300 sets of home improvement products in the first half of the year. Mr. Cai said that the Color Nest Group has shaken the market with its core technology, and the car products, the product, the MAX1 and the tooling pollution control products are in parallel, and quickly occupy the market. The company has adopted 18 policy support and market personnel support for the franchisees. The whole process is nanny-style service, the benefits are bundled, and the company is profitable.

During the coffee break, many guests visited the products at a close reception under the reception of the group’s sales representatives. Through the careful explanation of the sales representatives, they further deepened their understanding of the excellent quality of the color nest products.

The promotion meeting lasted two days and was successfully closed on April 28. At the end of the meeting, a company officially signed a cooperation agreement with Caichao Group. Many guests also showed strong interest in joining and wanted to further deepen cooperation and understanding.

Environmental protection and wealth creation China, who can seize the opportunity, who can take the lead to win the market and win wealth. With cutting-edge technology to invigorate the big health and environmental protection market, follow the industry benchmarking company Caichao Group, and become bigger and stronger together to create brilliant!