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Toxic Audi, how far is “leukemia” from us?

On the eve of 3.15 this year, a netizen’s article “They all bought Audi cars, they all got leukemia” smashed the entire circle of friends. The victims in the article are distributed throughout the country. They have different genders, different ages and different occupations. Only one thing is the same: they all got leukemia! They all bought the Audi car! Their cars are all within the scope of the official website of the FAW-Volkswagen in March 2017, “recognizing the odor of Audi cars.”

Originally a road to the pursuit of a happy life, but it has become the road to no return, Audi “leukemia” door, who is the blame! As early as 2013, CCTV’s 315 special program “The grotesque in the luxury car” and “The strange smell in the luxury car: “Asphalt damping film” came from? “Unveiled the reason why Audi car caused leukemia: One of the sources of odor of Audi car is that FAW-Volkswagen used asphalt as a damping piece! There is about 20 pounds of asphalt in an Audi car! Asphalt can release toxic gases such as benzene and benzopyr (asphalt, benzene, benzopyrene, and formaldehyde are classified as carcinogens by the International Cancer Center).

Now that 6 years have passed, the problem Audi is still damaging the health of many car owners. The Audi car with odor is a defective product, but the official is still me. After many car owners have tested and defended the rights, the official solution is only which owner can find it. 4S shop, which car owner to replace the soundproof cotton for free, but the health of the owner? Who can come to pay for their health?

The poisonous car, this Audi event is not a case. As early as 2004, there was a sensational “Alto Benz Super Standard”. On August 5, 2002, Mr. Li’s wife, Ms. Zhu bought an Alto. In the car, Ms. Zhu had symptoms such as dizziness after one month, and she did not find the cause when she went to the hospital. In March 2003, Ms. Zhu died of treatment for severe aplastic anemia. Mr. Li suspected that his wife’s death was caused by excessive poisoning of benzene in the car. He sent the Alto car to the Indoor Environment Monitoring Center of the China Interior Decoration Association for testing. The results showed that the air benzene content in the car was 0.18 mg/m3, which was higher than the indoor air quality standard. So Mr. Li started the lawsuit. As a result, the court of first instance held that his claim was rejected because the state had no standards for the quality of the air inside the vehicle. The court of second instance held that Mr. Li could not confirm that his wife, Ms. Zhu, suffered from severe aplastic anemia and died because of the presence of benzene pollution in the Alto car purchased and used by Ms. Zhu. Therefore, Mr. Li’s prosecution lacks facts and reasons. The facts and reasons for the prosecution could not be established, so the court procedurally dismissed his lawsuit.

In daily life, most families will be equipped with private cars. However, the new car will be the same as our new home decoration. More than 90% of the cars will have excessive levels of formaldehyde and benzene, and formaldehyde and benzene will cause poisoning. The stress response of the body, the hospital can not find the cause, only when the disease has developed to a very serious degree, it is possible to confirm the diagnosis, and there is still a big gap in the relevant laws in this area, in the disadvantaged consumers Often there is no way to protect rights, no one can think of it. When we buy a car, we will endanger our own lives and the safety of our family because we spend hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of thousands.
What are the symptoms of formaldehyde and other pollutants in the new car?
1, staying in the car for a long time will feel depressed, nausea, dizziness, it is easy to motion sickness, the symptoms will disappear after a while.
2, when children ride, they will feel restless, or sleepy, and will vomit.
3, skin allergies
4, scorpion discomfort, foreign body sensation, poor breathing, sore throat, dry respiratory tract, fatigue.
5, the car has a pungent pungent pungent odor, long-lasting.
After buying a new car, we can’t let the car idle because of excessive pollution such as formaldehyde. What about the formaldehyde in the new car? How to eliminate the smell of new cars in a short time and maintain a long-term healthy air environment in the car, several suggestions for your reference:

1. Drive as far as possible to keep the circulating convection of fresh air inside the car; use external circulation when turning on the air conditioner. When parking or when you are free, open the four doors and skylights and ventilate as much as possible. Of course, if it is cold winter in the north, don’t open the window!
2, the car interior decoration is strictly selected, the textile is cleaned twice with water and then used! Center consoles, floor mats, seats, glove boxes, ashtrays, etc. should be cleaned and ventilated as often as possible.
3, try not to use perfume air fresheners, etc., easy to cause secondary pollution.
4, the removal of various packaging inside the car, especially plastic packaging, long-term airtight inside the car, more likely to produce air pollution.
5. If the owner of the car drives a new car and finds a physical response, such as feeling smoked eyes, breathing irritation, or even dizziness, it is recommended to check the air quality inside the vehicle to detect and remove the pollution source inside the vehicle as soon as possible.
6, people with weak constitution, women, children and people with allergies should try to avoid driving for a long time and taking a new car.
7, looking for a professional removal of formaldehyde companies to deal with, to choose a formal qualification, there are professional companies with technical content to do, otherwise some are only surface treatment of formaldehyde, it is easy to rebound afterwards!
8. Purchase the green brand MAX1, using the three core technologies of bio-enzymatic + molecular complexation + gas-catalyzed, which can quickly and effectively eliminate the formaldehyde and benzene hidden in the leather goods, decorations, air conditioner evaporators and other items in the new car. Chemicals, TVOC and other chemical toxic substances, and easy to operate, you can DIY in addition to aldehyde, do not need another professional aldehyde removal, 3 hours effective, once aldehyde removal will never rebound!