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Decoration pollution leads to student death, indoor air management is urgent

According to reports, a four-year primary school pupil in Beijing, Xiaoli, suffered from severe aplastic anemia. After 8 months of illness, 11-year-old Xiaoli passed away. In order to discuss the argument, Xiaoli’s parents sued the school for compensation. The school was found guilty of liability. Although the school decoration and the student’s claim for blood disease claims have been reported frequently, the school has been sentenced to compensation, which is still the first case in China.

Xiaoli’s father recalled that in the summer of 2012, the seven-room primary school began to be renovated and renovated until September 1, 2012, and the renovation was still unfinished. On January 10, 2013, the school began to install heating and painted on the heating pipe, and then more and more bleeding spots began to appear on Xiaoli. On March 14, 2013, Xiaoli was diagnosed with aplastic anemia (very heavy) by Beijing Children’s Hospital. In August 2013, the 11-year-old girl died unfortunately.

According to the court, according to the current research on the pathogenesis of aplastic anemia, the effects of poisons, especially the chemical poisons contained in paints, are associated with aplastic anemia. After the renovation, the house has been ventilated for a period of time. Become a social consensus. Therefore, the causal relationship cannot be ruled out between the decoration behavior of the school and the damage consequences of Xiaoli. On March 29, 2016, the Beijing No. 1 Intermediate People’s Court finally ruled that the school compensated Xiaoli’s father and wife for various losses of more than 420,000 yuan. The current compensation has been implemented.

The trial ideas of the Beijing No. 1 Intermediate Court have certain precedent significance and provide reference for other courts to try similar cases. At the same time, this judgment is also worthy of more schools, enterprises and institutions to wake up. Incidents of serious diseases caused by decoration pollution are not uncommon, and science has proven that formaldehyde is related to diseases such as leukemia. Due to the popularity of air conditioners, many schools and office buildings have adopted closed-end designs for energy-saving needs, and air pollution is inevitable due to decoration and furniture. According to the jurisprudence of the Beijing court, if the person is sick or even killed due to decoration pollution, more schools or enterprises will bear serious consequences for this.

Therefore, whether it is a school or a business, the prevention of indoor air is extremely necessary. Many companies have spared no expense to decorate office space very luxuriously. However, before they settled in, they were guilty of air pollution control, or they were looking for small companies with no qualifications to do the governance. As a result, they failed to cure the problem and could not eliminate the source of pollution. In the end, the lawsuit is inevitable. Today, with the growing awareness of rights protection, the indoor pollution control that does not meet the standards is bound to leave great hidden dangers for future operations. Therefore, any school or company that conducts air testing and early implementation of pollution control has become a necessary part of safe operation.