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    Official opening

Thank you for your interest in Caichao. If you are interested in cooperation, please fill out and submit the following content. The staff of Caichao will contact you in time, thank you for your trust in Caichao! Join Hotline: 400-8849-800

  • Mr Luo from Huizhou
    Mr Luo from Huizhou

    Mr Luo from Huizhou(Previously engaged in community promotion industry)

    I am involved in this industry, there is a background story, I am because the smell of his house after the decoration is pungent, need to remove formaldehyde, really pay attention to this industry. I originally did community promotion. After a few industry comparisons, especially after myself as a consumer experience, I was deeply aware of the future of this industry. Choosing the color nest is not only because of the popularity of the green card of the color nest in this industry, the technical content, but also the layout of the whole ecological chain of the color nest at the strategic level. Since I started doing color nesting for half a year, I have opened two color nest experience stores. The monthly income is ten times that of the previous one. I am very grateful to Caijing for giving me entrepreneurial opportunities.

  • Mr Wang from Xiangyang
    Mr Wang from Xiangyang

    Mr Wang from Xiangyang(formerly engaged in the design industry)

    I used to work on design. Decoration and decoration, the home building materials industry has always been relatively familiar with, and very aware of the owner's psychology. Choosing this industry is because this thing can really help the owners. Many owners, after the renovation of the new house for half a year, they carried out the test themselves, and finally invited a professional management company to remove formaldehyde. Choosing the color nest is not only because of the popularity of the green card of the color nest in the industry, but also because of the technical content of the product itself. I am very easy to give the owner a formaldehyde-free business.

  • Mr Gan from Wuhan
    Mr Gan from Wuhan

    Mr Gan from Wuhan(formerly engaged in the business management industry)

    I used to be responsible for production management in the factory. In the past few years, I have returned to Wuhan. Because my house was finished and I wanted to hurry up, I got to know the color nest. In the process of deep communication, I found that this industry has great advantages over other industries. Compared with the traditional industry, the investment is relatively small, the capital turnover is relatively fast, there is no need to press too much money, and the owners and car owners are in great need of this piece of products and services. After I have communicated with several business friends, I chose This industry. Choosing the color nest is because the green card of the color nest has been done for 10 years. Compared with the peers, the technology is more stable and mature, and the treatment effect is guaranteed.

  • Mr Liu from Shengzhou
    Mr Liu from Shengzhou

    Mr Liu from Shengzhou(formerly engaged in the eco-agriculture industry)

    I used to be mainly engaged in eco-agriculture breeding. I am doing this industry because my friends around the house have done this kind of environmental management. The market has real needs, which is very good. I personally have a deeper understanding of the home building materials industry, and now the home building materials market has arrived. After comparing the products, services, brands, and reputation of several companies in this industry, I chose Caichao, and I believe in my choice.

  • Mr Luo from Haikou
    Mr Luo from Haikou

    Mr Luo from Haikou(previously engaged in environmental protection industry)

    I have done air purification, except for formaldehyde, which has been 8 years old. For so many years, I have been following the development of the color nest environment. From the beginning, nothing has been done until now. The product service I made not only earned money, but more importantly, helped my friends and my customers in the true sense, so I am sincerely proud and proud. Thanks to the care and support of Caichao Headquarters for many years, I sincerely hope that more and more friends will join the Caichao family to jointly create a great cause of environmental protection.

  • Mr Li from Chengdu
    Mr Li from Chengdu

    Mr Li from Chengdu(Formerly engaged in department store home building materials industry)

    I am involved in air purification, and the formaldehyde industry has been 7 years old. Why did I choose to join the color nest? Actually, because I have done comparisons, I have taken products from many places in Beijing and Hangzhou. However, some of these products can not solve the problem of formaldehyde removal in solving indoor environmental pollution. Some are secondary pollution again in the process of solving problems such as formaldehyde. The products of Caichao can solve the problems of indoor environmental pollution in a true sense. I don't want to blame the word of mouth, choose the color nest, and my heart is also practical.

  • Mr Hu from Nanchang
    Mr Hu from Nanchang

    Mr Hu from Nanchang(formerly engaged in the building materials industry)

    Four years ago, I went back to Nanchang from Shenzhen to develop a flooring business. In recent years, the real estate industry has been sluggish and the business is not as good as before. I have always hoped to find a project that can be re-used and the customer can develop twice. I was very excited when I came into contact with the color nest. I found this to be what I wanted. In addition to formaldehyde, this thing is very good. The owner, decorating the house in addition to the taste, in addition to formaldehyde he needs, the owner, the new car in addition to taste, in addition to formaldehyde, also need. The green card of Caichao is the largest company in the industry, with advanced technology and very complete product lines. Customers in their own hands can redevelop twice.

  • Mr Liao from Wuhan
    Mr Liao from Wuhan

    Mr Liao from Wuhan(formerly engaged in the lighting industry)

    I am from Wuhan, I used to work in the lighting industry. Joining the color nest environment is to know this information from the network. One is because of the popularity of the color nest environment brand for ten years, and the other is because the threshold of joining the color nest environment is low, the market support is many, and the development trend of the environmental protection industry is good. It belongs to the sunrise industry. In modern society, people's material living has been raised to a certain level. However, the public environment, indoors, and car ownership are more serious, so individuals are more optimistic about the environmental protection industry. At present, just joined the color nest, everything is operating as planned and progressing smoothly. I believe that under the leadership of the color nest environment, we will be able to do our own business.

  • Mr Zhang from Wuhan
    Mr Zhang from Wuhan

    Mr Zhang from Wuhan(formerly engaged in the building materials industry)

    I am from Wuhan and have been engaged in the building materials industry. I just learned from the network that I joined the color nest environment. This company has low barriers to entry, has a lot of market support, and has a good development trend. Wuhan has branch offices and convenient contacts, so I decided to join the color. nest. The big brand of ten years is indeed trustworthy. Yichang has a large factory, so there is nothing to doubt and hesitate. Just joined Caichao, I have the confidence and determination to do my own business, and now everything is working smoothly...

  • Mr Chen from Xi'an
    Mr Chen from Xi'an

    Mr Chen from Xi'an(formerly engaged in the catering industry)

    I used to do catering and got logistics. It has been three years since the industry has done environmental management in addition to formaldehyde. This industry is a lot easier to tell the truth than the industry I used to do. Compared with other peers, the green card I made, because of the relatively large popularity, the effect of governance is good, and I have a good foothold outside. I have been in the nest for three years. I bought a house and bought a car. Fortunately, I chose the color nest, the brand is ringing, the product is good, both earning money and helping others.

  • Mr Song from Yichang
    Mr Song from Yichang

    Mr Song from Yichang(Formerly engaged in ceramic tile, grain and oil industry)

    I have made tiles, and I have been doing grain and oil for many years. Because of the association with the decoration business, contact with this industry. After deep understanding, I found that this industry is more fun than the industries I have done before. To be a traditional industry, you have to face a lot of distribution. Every year, you always collect money, which is very painful and passive. But this industry is different. It is just what it needs, and it sells products and services. There is no need to press too much money, the business cycle is short, all are cash, basically no support, and the profit margin is very considerable. My current career focus has all gone to the color nest.