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Ceicho Environment, the world's first EMG composite technology to solve indoor and indoor environmental pollution control and optimization of the ecological chain platform. Since its founding 11 years ago, we have adhered to our mission, not forgetting our initial intentions, concentrating on the exploration and research of indoor and outdoor environmental protection technology, and mastering dozens of core technologies to become indoor and automotive environmental standards setters. Its “Green Card” has become the leading brand in China's car environmental protection industry and has entered the demanding European and American markets. Over the years, we have consistently provided the most professional and efficient environmental pollution control products and services for government, enterprises and individual customers, so that all people can breathe clean indoor air, drink pure water, and enjoy peace of mind and health. Car life.

Company History

11 Years

Professional and technical personnel


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Patent achievement


Brand Concept

Brand Concept

Ceicho, to creates good air

Brand Mission

Brand Mission

Ceicho, responsible for your every breath

Brand meaning

Brand meaning

Using technology to create a "nest" of colorful and healthy cars

Group Structure

The products and technologies of Caichao Environment have been serviced in the Chinese market.









May After the SARS incident subsided, the government and society’s awareness of the safety of the human settlement environment was comprehensively enhanced. LEADMAN Liman (predecessor of the color nest) focused on indoor environmental research came into being;


Formally launching the Chinese market business

In February, the product of “The LOPO Green Card”, the core brand of Color Nest, was officially launched into the Chinese market;


The Green brand officially launched to the Chinese market

April The first “6-dimensional ESP nano-optical composite air purifier” was born, creating a pioneer in the purification machine without consumables;

August The third generation of MPR technology indoor environmental protection products were successfully developed and filled the domestic gap;


Officially declare the country's high-tech enterprises

August Officially filed a “national high-tech enterprise” with relevant state departments;

September Invited to participate in the formulation of national industry standards for formaldehyde removal products;


Invited to participate in the development of national industry standards for formaldehyde removal products

May Cooperated with Denmark to develop and successfully develop a new generation of indoor environmentally friendly bio-enzyme products;

In December, it was recognized as a “national high-tech enterprise” by relevant state departments;


Looking forward to the construction of the industrial base of Yichang Science and Technology Park in Hubei

March Officially launched the construction of Hubei Green Card Environmental High-tech Industrial Base;

June A new generation of German NANO-MCO technology was introduced to China;


A new generation of German nano-mco technology introduced to China

January The world’s leading intelligent air freshener for diaphragm enveloping technology was officially launched;

In July, the Hubei Green Card Manufacturing Base was completed and put into production, which was inserted into the wings of the color nest environment;


The world's leading intelligent air freshener for wave film enclosing technology is officially launched

In May, Caijing’s core brand “Forest Man” home environment optimization series was successfully developed;

In August, the revolutionary product of the four core technologies, “Green Card Decoration Netmaster MAX1” was successfully developed, and created the DIY era of environmental pollution control in China.


Yichang Science and Technology Park is referred to as put into production

May All the products of “Forest Man” brand were officially launched into the Chinese market;

In September, China’s first professional automotive interior environmental pollution control product “Green Brand Car gram MAX1” was successfully developed, and pioneered the DIY era of automotive environmental governance;


Successful development of EMG composite technology with epoch-making significance in the global indoor environmental protection industry

January The successful development of EMG composite technology with the epoch-making significance of the global indoor environmental protection industry;


The decoration of the netmaster MAX1 and the car-flavored MAX1 have been successfully developed, creating a DIY era of car-friendly environmental protection.

January, Caichao launched the “Thousands of Arms and Horses” regional partner program;


Caichao launches the “Qianjun Wanma” regional partner plan

Brand story

In 2006, the founder of the predecessor of Security Technology Company participated in a public welfare activity for children with leukemia. The children were deeply shocked by the pain and suffering of the children. After talking with the doctor, they learned that the cause was mostly from the home decoration. Chemical pollution in the air. After a sleepless night, he made the most important decision in life, gave up all the existing things, and devoted himself to the indoor air purification industry, so that the children in the world no longer have leukemia due to indoor formaldehyde pollution. Therefore, after several months of international investigations, after being contacted by scientists from many well-known scientific research institutions, many experts were impressed by the feelings of the founders, so the birth of the Ceicho was born. Over the years, Caichao has been committed to the research of indoor environmental protection frontier technology, using high-tech products to purify a healthier and more natural living environment. After five years of technical research, in 2017, we successfully developed the “EMG”, a vehicle-based environmental protection composite technology that led the industry change, and passed the strict “oral non-toxic detection” of the national authorities, creating a “non-toxic treatment” "Time, based on this, developed a "one-stop" DIY governance product for home improvement and automobiles. Nowadays, the green-brand products of Ceicho have been stationed in the international hypermarkets such as “Tmall”, “Jingdong” and “Carrefour”, “Darunfa” and “Bee Lotus” respectively, and have become well-known brands in the industry. In the past 11 years, Caichao has been committed to solving the technical problems of indoor and indoor environmental pollution, and let people breathe fresh air, drink clean water, and enjoy the worry-free and healthy car life.